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We work with system builders to provide our clients with custom built process solutions for R&D and industrial applications.

An example of these are:

S500 Thin Film Sputter Deposition Systems

S500 Thin Film Sputter Deposition Systems
For substrates up to 5" diameter.

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ILH550 Thin Film In Line System

ILH550 Thin Film In Line System
Commercial system design for substrates up to 16" square.

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Plasma Source(PLS)

Plasma Source (PLS)
For integration or retro-fit with client's vacuum deposition system.

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Systems manufactured in collaboration with:

Wordentec (UK & Europe)

SCT (USA & Singapore)

Thin Film Sputter Deposition System - Wordentec Thin Film Sputter Deposition System - JLS Thin Film Sputter Deposition System - STC


Endorsement for the new C500 Deposition Machine


Dr. Frantisek Lofaj of the much respected:
Slovak Academy of Sciences in Kosice, Slovakia.

Frank took delivery of the new C500 machine in March this year. He has been delighted with the performance, and offered these comments:

“The installation of our new PVD system C500 from PQL with an independent plasma generation technology and number of additional options went smoothly and we were very pleased with the ability of the supplier to comply with all our specific requirements. The result is an unique system which allows us deposition of hard coatings from wide range of materials, including reactive sputtering, with considerably better control of deposition conditions than in the conventional magnetron sputtering technologies. We appreciate the versatility of the HiTUS technology and C500 in the investigation of previously unexplored sputtering parameter space.”

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