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Zinc Oxide (ZnO)


Plasma Quest Ltd can deposit zinc oxide (ZnO) at high rates and with varying electrical properties at low temperatures (<70°C) using the proprietary HiTUS thin film sputter deposition equipment. 

Zinc oxide is a wide bandgap semiconductor (Eg = 3.3 eV at 300K) that can posses good transparency and high electron mobility.  This makes it suitable for use as a transparent electrode and is a promising material for use in high mobility thin film transistors based on amorphous transparent metal oxides.

Thin films of zinc oxide are deposited by reactive sputtering from a metallic target.  By varying the oxygen partial pressure during the deposition process the electrical properties of the zinc oxide films can be tuned.  The conductivity of the ZnO thin films is seen to decrease with increasing oxygen flow rate. Conducting, low oxygen, ZnO films had conductivities of the order of 103-104 Ω-1m-1, whereas resistive ZnO films had conductivities of the order 10-6-10-9 Ω-1m-1.  The field effect mobility is 0.2 cm2V-1s-1.

Optical transmission is > 90% across the visible portion of the spectrum. The deposition rate is affected by the oxygen partial pressure, with conductive ZnO films deposited quicker at a rate of ~ 52.5 nm/min, which is reduced to ~ 33 nm/min for the resistive ZnO films (rates are from a 4” diameter target).

If a material can be sputter deposited, it can be coated using the Plasma Quest approach. Please Contact Us for a discussion about how our coating service can solve your problems. We look forward to speaking with you.

Download our latest publication on ZnO and IZO films for TFT applications.pdf

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