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Indium Zinc Oxide (IZO)


IZO is a promising transparent conducting oxide as well as another alternative to hydrogenated amorphous silicon in thin film transistors (TFTs).

  • Deposition at ambient temperatures
  • Rate 84nm/min
  • Field Effect Mobility can be varied from 3x10-9 Ω-1m-1 to 4x104 Ω-1m-1
  • Mobility of 20 cm2V-1s-1 has a switching ratio in excess of 106
  • Resistivity of 5.6x10-4 Ωcm films with peak transmission of 96%
  • 0.129nm RMS roughness
  • Reactive sputtering from a 50:50 at% In:Zn target

Download our latest publication on ZnO and IZO films for TFT applications.pdf

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