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PQL's Differentiators


About Plasma Quest - Differentiators

Remotely Generated Plasma – We have independent control of all process parameters including target voltage and ion current

Low Temperature Process - Low temperature deposition for plastic or other 'delicate' substrates

Stable High Rate Reactive Process - Virtual elimination of target poisoning since the surface of the target is uniformly eroded

Ionised Physical Vapour Deposition - The high density plasma can ionise a significant fraction of the sputter flux. In conjunction with an electrically biased substrate it can influence the directionality and energy of the arriving ionised material.

Stress Control – Due to our unique process we are able to control the stress of growing thin films from compressive through to tensile

Potential for Multilayer Devices – PQL systems have the ability to deposit multilayer without breaking vacuum

Thick ferromagnetic targets – Ability to sputter from thick ferromagnetic targets

Substrate plasma-cleaning - Offering enhanced adhesion performance

Strong links with leading academic centres of excellence

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