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About Plasma Quest


About Plasma Quest

Plasma Quest provides thin film materials and process solutions that cannot be met by current deposition technologies. PQL can be contracted to undertake design services, material trials and under confidentiality agreement be engaged with a client to do thin film material process development.

Access to PQL's thin film deposition expertise can improve time to market and reduce internal costs while minimising risk by effectively extending the capability of your own R&D resource.

Our primary focus is on using our own technology for the deposition of thin film materials in a variety of applications.

  • Contract R&D – from 'proving' trials to full scale process development and production trials
  • Full Remote Plasma System design and build / retrofit service
  • System commissioning, process consultancy and training

Contact PQL to discuss your trial requirements, to obtain costing and turnaround times.


16 Years of Innovation


Plasma Quest Limited has come a long way since its incorporation 16 years ago, in September 1998, when Mike and Annette established the company based on Mike's invention of the HiTUS sputtering technology, for which the company now enjoys a world-wide reputation.

About Plasma Quest

Initial investment in the company was greatly helped by the company successfully winning five DTi Smart Awards for Innovation in the early years.

About Plasma Quest      About Plasma Quest

Since that time we have established a highly respected reputation, collaborating with leading academic and commercial research institutions.

PQL's bespoke coatings service is used by UK and international customers who require specialist coatings impossible to produce by any method other than using our patented HiTUS system.

Our custom-made deposition machines have been sold to universities, research organisations and corporations as far afield as China, Singapore and the USA.

Our loyal staff have collectively clocked up over 90 years of service to the company.

As ever more companies recognise the benefits and capabilities of our unique sputtering technology, we look forward to many, many more years of innovation.

About Plasma Quest  About Plasma Quest  About Plasma Quest  About Plasma Quest


News Archive 

Conformal Coverage

A recent paper on "The Impact of Substrate Bias on a Remote Plasma Sputter Coating Process for Conformal Coverage of Trenches and 3D Structures." has been accepted for the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

This paper is available open access please Contact us for more information

Favourited by the UK Prime Minister and retweeted by the Dept of Business

PQL provides contract R&D thin film coating services for customers wishing to explore new materials or improve their existing material's characteristics and process performance. Our HiTUS technology often enables us to provide solutions to specific customer requirements where conventional sputter technology has been unsuccessful. Ranging from short proof of concept programmes right through to process development and production systems, our team will work closely with you to ensure the best solutions are achieved.

Large Area Deposition Research

PQL, in partnership with Bolton University, has recently started a 2-year, £600,000 research programme supported by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to develop a new deposition system suitable for large area coatings. The system design is expected to enable very high throughput depositions capable of web widths in excess of 1m. Once completed, this will be used to deposit Indium-free transparent conducting oxides (TCOs). 

Deposition of Silver nanoparticles.

In a recent program of work PQL have deposited thin silver as nanoparticles and as a continuous film, both with excellent adhesion to the substrate. The thinner (5nm) silver films showed a significant reduction in the Optical Transmission Spectra compared with the thicker (10nm) continuous silver films. This is consistent with the random distribution of nanoparticles producing a plasmonic effect.  For information on this or any other material please contact PQL.

Recyval nano has recently launched its new website highlighting their new recovery and recycling initiative of high value precious metals from flat panel displays. Plasma Quest is a partner in the consortium and is responsible for the application and analysis of the recycled Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).

Prof. Mike Thwaites has been named as a top '1000 talent' by the Chinese government for his work in plasma-based thin film research and innovation. In partnership with Zhengzhou University, PQL will be using their novel remote plasma system to research and develop new materials and structures that enable the development of efficient low cost thin film solar cells. PQL would like to express their gratitude for UKTI's input in achieving this award and their continued support of future PQL business development.

Sterilisation Equipment for Medical/Dental Applications
We are currently developing sterilisation equipment using our plasma source for medical/dental applications. Contact us for more information.


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